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Payment processing from as low as 0.3% for your competition/raffle website.
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Payment Gateway For Raffle Websites

Merchant account and payment gateway solutions specifically dedicated to prize competition / raffle style business models. 

The prize competition / raffle style business model has become a very popular option for businesses in a wide range of industries. From car dealerships entering their dead stock into raffles – to influencers using their audience to run prize competitions. It’s fair to say this business model holds some very lucrative advantages. 

The large proportion of participants and transactions on competition websites has made it essential for business owners to get a reliable merchant account to process payments. However, finding a merchant provider for this type of business model can be a challenge.

Restricted Payment Gateway Options

Most mainstream merchant account providers like Stripe and PayPal do not support skill games or competition websites due to the high risk involved in the industry.

In some cases we have seen clients setup with mainstream gateways and run their competitions fine for the first few months. It is only until customers start to dispute transactions or you start to generate more revenue that your business will be analysed. It is at this point where the gateway could potentially discontinue your service without any notice and in worse cases hold your balance until they conclude their investigations.

Dangers of using a restricted payment gateway

  • Losing the payment facility without warning
  • Having your payments held / blocked
  • High setup fees
  • High transaction fees

How To Apply For A Prize Competition Merchant Account

To apply for a high-risk merchant account for your skill-based game website, you must fill an online application form on the website of the merchant account provider.

As merchants in the competition websites industry have a higher regulatory exposure and chargeback ratios, financial institutions are often concerned about the violation of bank rules and regulations. That’s why presenting your business in the best possible way in front of payment processors is essential.

Our team of experts give you updated information and ensures that your business is financially sound, compliant, and eligible to get a high-risk merchant account. We are always available to guide you through the entire process efficiently and smoothly. With our assistance, your business can gain credibility and increased the chances of merchant account approval.

Application Checklist

The application process for getting a high-risk merchant account is short and straightforward. Here’s are some of the essential documents that you will require while applying:

  • Copy of shareholders certificate
  • Copy of incorporation certificate
  • Organisational structure chart (If applicable)
  • Valid proof of ID for all directors
  • Processing history of the last 3 to 6 months, including chargeback percentage and transaction volume
  • Screenshot of the homepage of official site
  • An SSL certificate secured competition website

Frequently Asked Questions

Why are prize competition businesses classes as high risk?

Many providers do not process payments for competition websites because of the credit challenges and high debt ratios. These challenges often lead to chargebacks and bankruptcy. Other factors that play a considerable role in labelling competition websites as high-risk are:

  • The skill games website industry has a high chargeback ratio.
  • The questionable legality of the products and services of these competition websites.
  • The dubious marketing practises and sales of these competition websites.
  • The high average ticket sales and high volume of transactions.
  • If your website provides subscription-based services, it will be considered a high-risk business.
  • If you have started your website with zero to little payment card processing history, it will be deemed high-risk.
  • Lack of customer support may turn the consumers into contact payment processors instead of merchants, which is considered high-risk.

How long can it take to setup a merchant account for my raffle website?

We can source your merchant provider in a matter of hours and connect you directly to start your application.

From here it can take anywhere between 2 – 14 days for the application to be vetted by their underwriters and your merchant account to be opened. 

By working with us we can ensure that everything is supplied to the provider to ensure no delays in going back and forth. 

Do I have to pay for you to find a merchant provider?

Absolutely not. Our service is 100% free for our clients. 

We receive a small commission from the merchant provider which is why we can offer this as a free service.

My current merchant provider has stopped my service. Can you help me get back up urgently?

Of course. We understand the importance of running prize competitions with strict deadlines and the implications of extending your draws.

Fill out the form to the side and we will urgently process your request while explaining to the provider that we need a quick turnaround to open the merchant account for you.