Trust Payments Review

  • Business specific pricing
  • Bespoke & simple integration options
  • Integrates with popular platforms
  • No flat rate pricing
  • Various online negative reviews

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Trust Payments is an all-in-one payment solution that offers a comprehensive set of payment services to businesses across a range of sectors.

It’s a 24-year old brand that was formerly called Secure Trading, established in London in 1997. In the past two decades, they have expanded rapidly and currently boast of an enviable global footprint with offices in key markets such as the United States (where it has 6 gaming licenses for online gaming), UK, Europe and Asia. This means that they work with merchants in high risk industries as well.

With over two decades in the business, they have created an extensive partner network allowing SME’s easy access to hundreds of partner services including banks and alternative payment solutions.

But all-in-one services like these rarely come without a few catches.

Here’s our detailed Trust Payment review that can help you decide if this provider is right for you.

Products and Services

Trust Payments offers an entire suite of payment solutions that includes ecommerce payments, POS, mobile payment solutions, omnichannel support, offline payments for retail outlets, card not present and banking as a service, to name a few.

A closer look at their services reveal that the idea is to make the entire payment process as seamless and glitch-free as it can get. Easy integrations, drag and drop customisation, multi currency support, and choices galore when it comes to payment gateways and acquiring banks are some of the features that makes the provider stand out.


Trust Payments offers multiple payment solutions for ecommerce merchants.

Tru Connect – Their ‘TRU Connect’ payment gateway integrates with key shopping carts and bespoke website code in minutes, allowing businesses to accept payments from over 160 payment methods, including Apple Pay and 24+ local payment methods.

Virtual Terminal over the phone – Tru Connect also has a virtual terminal module which allows merchants to accept credit card payments over the phone, fax, or mail order.

Pay by link – Pay By Link can be used for one-off payments, subscription payments and repeating orders. Businesses can create a link from within the TRU Connect control panel and send it to customers via email or SMS.

Customised checkout pages – Merchants can choose from an API or a hosted payment page, giving them maximum flexibility to customise the checkout experience for your customers. Everything including language and currency can be easily tailored to suit the unique needs of your business.


Trust Payments offers a wide range of Point-of-Sale solutions. From mobile apps and terminals to kiosks, merchants can accept payments across different POS channels.

Portable and Desk Solutions – Devices like the Ingenico 5000 and the Castles Vega 3000M are available for both, the desk and portable use.

Wide range of payment methods for POS – Merchants can accept a range of card payments including chip and pin, mobile payments such as Samsung Pay and Apple pay, as well as contactless payments.

Mobile Payments for Apps

Tru Connect, which is Trust Payments’ mobile payment solution, is used by leading mobile app developers.

In-App Payments simplified – Their mobile SDK offers a secure and seamless experience that enables users to make payments without leaving the app. Secure card storage makes it easy to repay for subscribers.

Accept Mobile wallet payments – Easy integrations, a customisable checkout page and multiple payment options such as cards and mobile wallets make the system a great choice for apps.

Wonderlane for the Omnichannel experience

Brands looking to create a seamless omnichannel experience will like the Wonderlane module. It is used by leading brands like Holland & Barrett & Spar.

Integrated shopping experience – It helps merchants to give customers an integrated shopping experience by bringing together online, mobile and in-store transactions.

Pay & Collect – Customers get the freedom to make payments using their preferred payment method, pay and collect from store and access store inventory online in realtime.

Cross selling and promotions – It also helps merchants use promotional offers and loyalty programs across multiple channels.

Global Payments

Financial regulations can be cumbersome in different parts of the world. That’s why Trust Payments offers global payment solutions that enable customers to accept payments from anywhere in the world.

Regulated by multiple financial authorities – They are regulated by the UK Financial Conduct Authority, the Malta Financial Services Authority, PCI DSS and are Principal Members of Visa and Mastercard.

In addition, they have partnered with global payment providers and acquirers to ensure that customers have access to multiple payment methods, without the need to go through multiple onboarding processes.

Top Features

Trust Payments’ services are complimented by a bouquet of top features such as:

Compliance with 3D Secure V2

‘Tru Connect’ is fully compliant with 3D Secure versions one and two, offering merchants and customers the highest levels of security. To add to this, Card data tokenisation is standard, which makes compliance a breeze for merchants of all sizes.

AI Powered Fraud and Risk Management

Trust Payments has an advanced fraud detection algorithm called ‘TRU Fraud’ to help merchants identify suspicious transactions and reduce the number of false positives.

This helps reduce chargebacks and improves your financial profile.

Multiple currencies and languages

As part of their global payment solution, Trust Payments supports multiple currencies and languages. This makes it easy for merchants to accept payments from customers around the world.

Flexible account options

Merchants can choose to set up accounts depending on the business need.

This includes single merchant accounts for each currency or one for each sales channel. There of course, is the option to have one common account for all.

Flexible settlement terms

Just like the account setup, merchants can also choose from a range of settlement terms available. This makes it easier for them to get their payments quickly and retain the cash flow which can help them grow their businesses.

Fees & Charges

Trust Payments is considered to be one of the most affordable payment gateway services in the market for SMEs. Their fees & charges vary depending on the payment type, currency and other factors.

They also offer monthly contracts which reduces risks from long term commitments and allows merchants to opt in or out when they need.

That said, their fees and charges are not published on the website and requires merchants to contact their customer service for more information.


With over 15000 brands and over 200 million transactions a month, Trust Payments is one of the largest payment gateways in Europe. They are extremely transparent with their customers and offer full disclosure on all aspects of their services.

The fact that they do not disclose the fees and charges may be an issue for some. But with a gamut of services, most of them bespoke in nature, it may be quite difficult for them to have standardised fees & charges.

Customer Service

Trust Payments has multiple customer support channels and offer round the clock customer service. They have dedicated teams for different regions and languages, ensuring that customers receive fast and efficient help in their own language.

Merchants are assigned a dedicated account manager who can help them with any queries they may have.

There are hotlines for different countries, a messaging service and email support for quick response times.

Not to mention that there are detailed guides, FAQs and a chatbot on the website to help customers get the answers they need.

Final Verdict

Trust Payments brings a powerful and secure payment solution to merchants of all sizes. They offer advanced features such as fraud detection, multiple currencies, flexible accounts setup and various settlement terms.

Their customer service is top notch and their terms are favourable. This makes them an ideal solution for merchants looking to deal with a single payment gateway or to expand their global reach.