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Furniture & Antique Merchant Accounts

Finding it hard to understand why your furniture business is being classed as high risk?

It can be confusing to most furniture businesses why they are penalised when it comes to trying to secure a merchant account or payment gateway.

The reason why providers view the industry as high risk is a mix between the chargeback ratio and products classed as high ticket items.

Due to the time window between the customers order and the delivery day the furniture industry as a whole finds itself receiving a lot of chargebacks / cancellations which have a negative impact when merchant providers analyse their risk.

This tied with the majority of furniture products being classed as ‘high ticket’ items places the furniture industry in a high risk category when sourcing a merchant account.

Accept Furniture Payments Online

Whether you’re an antiques dealership or a bed and sofa supplier – you will be facing the struggles to obtain a reliable merchant provider that can offer sensible rates and release agreements.

Our partner of merchant providers know how the furniture industry works and will not penalise you on the industry standards. 

Dangers of using a restricted payment gateway

  • Losing the payment facility without warning
  • Having your payments held / blocked
  • High setup fees
  • High transaction fees
  • Transaction Volume Caps

Furniture Merchant Tips

Understanding the risk on the merchant / gateway provider

When a business has an excessive chargeback ratio the merchant provider/acquiring bank can be subject to chargeback fines issued directly from the credit card companies (Visa, Mastercard etc).

It is this reason why providers like to understand the risk involved when approving a new merchant. 

How to decrease chargeback ratios

In order for furniture merchants to receive lower transaction rates and payment release terms they need to prove to the provider that they do not pose any risk. One way to do this is to ensure that their chargeback ratio is low – meaning that the merchant provider will not need to worry about being fined by Visa and Mastercard.

Is is recommended to integrate a mitigation process into your returns or refunds policy as well as seeking ways to communicate best with your customers to update them on their orders.  It is also recommended to utalise all sales avenues to unsure a maximum sales volume which will dilute any chargeback / refund requests. 

Frequently Asked Questions

Why are furniture businesses classed as high risk?

Due to the time gap between a customer purchasing a product to the delivery date the industry as a standard sees a lot of chargeback payments.

Merchant providers can often be fined by the card companies themselves (Visa & Mastercard) for transacting a high amount of chargebacks which results in them deeming such businesses as high risk.

Can you find a merchant provider that will release our funds quickly?

Merchant providers set limits on releases and rolling reserves to cover their risk.

If you have transactional history and have been processing transactions for some time it is very likely we can source a provider that will give you a very quick release with a very small (if not 0) rolling reserve.

Use the form to the side and we can certainly look for you.

How long can it take to setup a merchant account for my antique website?

Getting approval for high-risk merchant accounts in the furniture industry takes time. It’s mainly because of the risk involved and the limited availability of merchant account providers.

If you are already processing payments then this will make things easier as we would assume you have your website and product database ready to be reviewed.

We have seen some merchant accounts setup in as little as 2/3 days.

Do I have to pay for you to find a merchant provider?

Absolutely not. Our service is 100% free for our clients. 

We receive a small commission from the merchant provider which is why we can offer this as a free service.

My current merchant provider has stopped my service. Can you help me get back up urgently?

Of course. We understand the importance of running an ecommerce store with ad campaigns and the implications of being out of action

Fill out the form to the side and we will urgently process your request while explaining to the provider that we need a quick turnaround to open the merchant account for you.