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Vape & E Cigarette Merchant Accounts

Require a merchant account or payment gateway for your e-cigarette/vaping company? Compare quotes from a handful of providers today!

The vaping industry continues to grow as more people move to what they believe are safer alternatives to smoking. It’s an extremely lucrative market that is expected exceed the £3 billion mark by 2025 in the UK alone, making it the perfect time to launch or scale your vaping business. Unfortunately, opening an e cigarette merchant account isn’t an easy solution and being a big barrier for most e-cig/vape retailers.

Retailers of electronic cigarettes and vapes are seen as high-risk. The industry is highly regulated, and complex laws and age restrictions apply. Even accessories (like atomisers and batteries) are falling into the same high risk category.

As a modern retailer, you can’t run a business without accepting credit cards or online payments, which is where we come in.

Restricted Payment Gateway Options

You may or may not be aware that traditional payment processors and gateways like PayPal, Stripe, and Square have policies in place that prevent them from authorising their services for the sale of vape products and accessories.

Although you are able to actively open an account and start accepting payments with these providers it is only when they analyse the account after a period of time or transaction amount that they will strictly enforce their terms. When this happens it can result in the account being shut down without warning and leaving your funds inaccessible as well as no way to accept payments on your website.

Dangers of using a restricted payment gateway

  • Additional requirements (e.g., larger cash reserves)
  • Having your payments held / blocked
  • High setup fees
  • High transaction fees

How To Apply For A E Cigarette Merchant Account

When you are applying for a e cigarette merchant account for your vaping business, don’t be tempted to obscure the nature of your company. It could lead to termination, not to mention hefty fines.

All you need to do is fill out your application, along with the documents highlighted in the checklist, to the right. We’ll make the process as painless and straightforward as possible, using our years of experience working with high-risk merchants. Our team will immediately start the work of getting your application across the finish line as soon as possible.

We provide guidance and support every step of the way to ensure that your business is financially sound, fully compliant, and ready to be presented for approval. We’ll help you gain the credibility and trust you need to recover an existing account or to apply for a new merchant account in no time.

Application Checklist

The application process for getting a high-risk merchant account is short and straightforward. Here’s are some of the essential documents that you will require while applying:

  • Copy of shareholders certificate
  • Copy of incorporation certificate
  • Organisational structure chart (If applicable)
  • Valid proof of ID for all directors
  • Processing history of the last 3 to 6 months, including chargeback percentage and transaction volume
  • Screenshot of the homepage of official site
  • An SSL certificate secured competition website

Frequently Asked Questions

Why are electronic cigarettes and vapes seen as high risk?

Electronic cigarettes and vapes are seen as high-risk due to the inherent nature of the product. Regulatory bodies monitor and heavily regulate the sale and use of vapes and e-cigarettes as they are considered ingestible and tobacco-related. There are also age restrictions at play that make online sales difficult. All the above are common causes to high chargeback requests that could potentially cost the merchant provider.

How can you help me with my merchant account?

As a vape/e-cigarette merchant, you need to work with a payment provider that’re willing to take on higher-risk accounts. Without it, you are at risk of your assets being frozen and having no way to accept payments on your business website.

We have a database of high-risk gateway providers and acquiring banks that specialise in vape transaction processing and accounts and have years of experience in the industry.

We can leverage our connections to assist you in getting authorisation as quickly as possible.

Why do I need a high-risk merchant account/payment gateway?

A tailored-made, high-risk account keeps your business up and running efficiently. There is no risk of the account being shut down or frozen as our database of trusted providers understand the vaping industry, the applicable laws, and how to keep your account compliant. Work with us and them to be as transparent as possible and we can work to help you scale your business and grow by providing competitive rates and a reliable payment solution.

How long does it take to get my account?

Approval can take anywhere from 48 hours to two weeks. If you already have an account elsewhere that has been frozen, please let us know so that we can flag your application as urgent.

Why do some high-risk merchant accounts cost so much?

As we have already explained the vape industry is classed as high risk – which means that the merchant provider is taking a risk on accepting you for a merchant account. By having a higher transactional rate and a longer reserve the risk is slightly balanced out. Although it is inevitable that you will have higher rates than a standard low risk account we will work hard on your behalf to negotiate a rate that isn’t too high while ensuring that the risk is balanced for the provider.

Are vaping accessories considered high-risk?

Unfortunately, all vaping accessories, including mouthpieces, decor, wristbands, and other paraphernalia, are still considered high-risk.

How much do you charge for your services?

We don’t charge our clients anything! There are no hidden fees, sign-up costs or obligations. We receive a small commission from the payment processor that helps us run Merchant Advise, but it’s not charged to your account.