Total Processing Review

  • Business specific pricing
  • Bespoke & simple integration options
  • Integrates with popular platforms
  • No flat rate pricing
  • Various online negative reviews
  • ISO business setup

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Total Processing is a Manchester-based fintech company that offers payment processing for merchants across the globe. They are an Independent Sales Organization (ISO) which means, they act as an intermediary that processes merchant’s payments and provide them access to multiple payment platforms.

While the company is fairly new, they have quickly risen to become one of the top payment processing companies in the UK. That’s because of flexible pricing, a wide range of services, and an emphasis on customer service.

Unlike most ISOs which limit their services to connecting the merchant to an acquiring bank, Total Processing goes the extra mile. They provide a suite of services that include point-of-sale systems, online payment processing, mobile payments, currency exchange, fraud prevention services, chargeback prevention and reporting tools.

They also promise quick setup and same day integration. Speed can be an important factor, as merchants don’t want their payments to be held up by long processing times.

That said, features and promises mean little if the company doesn’t back it up with reliable performance. Let’s see how Total Processing fared in terms of uptime, customer service and fees.


Total Processing offers five services primarily which are card readers, online payments, payment gateways, virtual terminals and recurring payments. These cover the entire gamut of payment processing services for both digital and brick & mortar outlets.

There’s a clear onus on making the checkout process as seamless as possible. For instance, checkout pages are displayed in local languages and currencies and real time validation is incorporated as a default to avoid typos.

Partnering with an extensive range of acquiring banks, Total Processing promises faster processing times and higher approval rates. The company also offers a payment gateway that works with over 198 payment methods globally.

Online Payments

Find a perfect merchant account – Total Processing works with an extensive network of acquiring banks globally, many of which also work with high risk merchants.

198+ APM – Total Processing also provides a payment gateway that works with over 198 payment methods globally.

Compliance – Payment processing is made faster and more secure with the option to enable 3-D Secure, PCI DSS compliance, tokenization, and fraud prevention tools.

Flexible pricing – With Total Processing, merchants benefit from no setup fee or long-term contracts. The pricing model is also flexible with the option to use interchange plus and tiered models.

Customer Service – Total Processing emphasizes customer service as a core part of their offering. They have dedicated support teams available 24/7 that are ready to help with any queries that merchants may have.

Card Readers

Low rates for SMBS – Total Processing offers a range of countertop and portable card readers like Clover Flex, Ingencio & PoYnt to merchants. With its low processing rates, the company is ideal for SMBs that are just getting started in payment processing.

Multi-currency support – Total Processing card readers have the added benefit of being able to accept payments from customers in different currencies.

Virtual terminal – Card not present payments can be done through Total Processing’s virtual terminal. This makes it easy to process payments from customers who are not physically present at the store or online.

One day settlement – Total Processing promises same day settlements, allowing merchants to quickly access funds without waiting for long periods of time.

Available as an EPOS package – The company also provides a comprehensive EPOS package that includes hardware, software and an integrated payments platform.

Payment gateway

99.99% uptime – Total Processing promises 99.99% uptime, meaning that merchants can be sure of being able to process payments without any interruptions due to technical errors.

Multiple acquiring banks – Merchants have the option to connect to multiple acquiring banks and switch between them depending on their needs.

Easy Integration – Integrating with Total Processing is easy thanks to an API library which developers can use to quickly and easily integrate with other apps, websites or CRM tools.

Fraud detection – Total Processing uses a suite of fraud detection tools. Once deployed, these perform AI-based real-time analysis to identify and block fraudsters. It also supports 3D Secure technologies like Verified by Visa, MasterCard SecureCode, American Express SafeKey and JCB J/Secure.

Top Features

Payment processing is all about convenience, and Total Processing backs this up with features galore.

198+ Alternative Payment Methods

Customers these days have their own preferences when it comes to payment methods, and Total Processing offers a staggering 198+ alternative payment methods globally. That includes support for widely used card networks like Visa, Mastercard and American Express to locally popular payment gateways like WeChat Pay, AliPay, Klarna, Apple Pay, Google Pay, SEPA and SOFORT.

Chargeback protection

Merchants functioning in high-risk industries are exposed to chargebacks and frauds. Thankfully, Total Processing offers a ‘Fraud Shield’ feature called ‘Total Defender’ to protect merchants from costly chargebacks. This feature helps identify and stop any fraudulent transactions in their tracks in barely two clicks.

Reporting and Insights

Total Processing provides merchants with detailed insights into their transactions. This includes reports on daily, monthly and yearly revenue, payout amounts and even a merchant health score. This score helps merchants keep track of their performance and see areas where they can improve.

Fees and Charges

Total processing’s fees and charges are quite competitive compared to the industry standard. It offers an interchange-plus pricing model, along with a tiered pricing model. Merchants can opt for whichever suits their business needs.

That said, every business receives a custom quote depending on their transaction volume, industry and risk assessment.

Contract length

Flexibility is one of the key reasons businesses opt for Total Processing. The company provides month-to-month contracts with no long term commitment or cancellation fees. This makes it an ideal choice for businesses that are just starting out or don’t have the resources to sign long-term contracts.

Negotiation to net you a better deal is one of their strong points, so it’s worth having an open conversation with them.


Most ISOs use independent sales organizations to market their services and products. Total Processing does not use this method, instead opting for a transparent model that allows merchants to directly interact with the company and its partners.

As a result, their website is more informative than salesy. It’s factual, concise and offers a glance into the services they provide, right from their features to how they can help you. The lack of a pricing page is a bit of an issue for some, but it’s just a simple phone call away.

Also, considering that they are an ISO that offers bespoke rates, it’s understandable why they won’t list a standard pricing page like other payment processors.

Customer Service

Total Processing offers multiple customer support channels such as email, chat and phone. It is worth noting that its customer service team is highly experienced and well trained, and based in the UK.

That said, the company also provides an extensive library of resources such as blog articles and user guides to help merchants get started.

Final Verdict

Total Processing ticks all the boxes when it comes to payment processing. Its extensive list of features, competitive pricing model and excellent customer support make it a great choice for businesses of all sizes.

Plus, the fact that there’s no long-term commitment means it is ideal for budding entrepreneurs and businesses who want to test out their payment processing solution before fully committing to it.

They also work with high-risk businesses, making them an attractive option for those who are in the high-risk sector.

All in all, Total Processing is definitely worth considering.